Become More Resilient Series Summary

I hope that you have enjoyed my Become More Resilient series, and have learned specific steps that you can take to remain well, recover, and even thrive in the face of adversity. Today I want to take the 10,000 foot overview on why this pandemic is so bad for Americans, and my final thoughts on what it means to be resilient.


Building psychological resilience through mindfulness

For years the mind and body were thought to be separate, but now it has become increasingly obvious that they are one and the same. When someone is compromised physically they will be more likely to develop physiological disorders and vice versa. Training the mind is extremely important! Find out how to improve your psychological resilience through mindfulness and breathing practices in my newest post!

Active vs Passive Recovery for Increased Resilience

What strategies are there to improve your ability to recover? Improving your body’s ability to recover will allow you to grow from difficult experiences whether they be physical like exercise or more psychological by giving the mind time to process this new information. Learn how to optimize both active and passive recovery in the latest installment of our Become More Resilient Series!

How to do High Intensity Interval Training – Quickly Improve Resilience

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT can give you the stimulus that you need to increase physical resilience, in as little as 10 minutes! Consistently engaging in HIIT will ensure a robust cardiovascular and nervous system making you better able to deal with stress no matter where it is coming from. Find out exactly how to add in HIIT workouts today to improve your Physical Resilience in part 12 of our Become More Resilient Series!