The Future of Medicine

Did you know that traditional medicine is not interested in you being the best version of yourself?

To find out how to prioritize your own optimization keep reading!

During the course of my master’s degrees, I needed to take multiple ethics classes and I kept asking the question why medicine was not focused on taking people who are doing alright and optimizing them vs just trying to keep people from dying. I asked multiple professors and I never got a good answer other than it is “unethical” to treat people who are not in severe distress.

I personally believe that human optimization should be the focus of medicine in the 21st century. When people are working optimally they get sick less, they have more energy, they do more for those around them, and they are happier while doing it.

Why wouldn’t we want a society filled with people who are extremely healthy both in body and mind? I know that’s the type of society that I want to live in.

So what exactly is the difference between these 2 models?

In traditional medicine, we are treating specific diseases. These diseases are classified based off of their signs and symptoms meaning that the disease has already progressed to the point that you can see the damage that the disease is causing. Take diabetes for example. In traditional medicine, very little effort is put forward by practitioners unless a patient’s blood sugar is high enough to classify them as diabetic. If they have slightly elevated blood sugars then maybe the physician will recommend that the patient eat less and exercise more but generally that’s it. But once the patient is diagnosed as diabetic there is no amount of money that won’t be spent to control their blood sugar. They will be put on medication after medication suppressing symptoms and decreasing blood sugar. The problem is that they are already way too late in the game. The disease is already present and the patient will most likely have to deal with an altered metabolism for the rest of their lives.

In a human optimization paradigm practitioners would be working with patients to maintain an ideal body weight, increase muscle mass, increase range of motion, and increase their abilities to move throughout the world so that diabetes is something that NEVER happens.

This is PREVENTION, and this is the direction that we need to go.

We don’t have the time or the money to waste treating diseases that have already shown themselves. We need to be focused on improving our citizen’s bodies and minds to the point that disease doesn’t occur; other than accidents or infections of course.

Unfortunately, the shift from the disease model of healthcare to the health promotion model is a slow one. But I believe that people are waking up. They are seeing their loved ones go through years even decades of treatments with the “best doctors” available and they are only able to slow the progression of disease. Only through a health promotion and preventative model can we take control of our lives. Increase our energy levels. Increase our abilities to move throughout the world. And Increase our ability to make our unique positive impacts in the world around us.

If we can shift our focus in this direction I believe that we would all benefit greatly.

If you are interested in this model of medicine please reach out to me I would love to talk more about what your options are.

Moving forward I will be talking more about human optimization and what you can do so you can live better, live longer, and do more!

Again this is Floyd Meyer signing off.



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