Why Binging Is Killing Your Weight Loss

Many people struggle to lose weight while eating only 1000 calories per day. But are calories nonsense or is there something more sinister going on? Find out next!

Millions of people struggle to lose weight year after year. They track their calories. They count their macros, and yet still they continue to gain weight.

Many of these people attest that they are eating 1400-1800 calories per day, which for most people should result in weight loss. So what is happening?

I believe in a lot of these cases Binging is Killing their Weight Loss Goals!

Lets look at an example.

Binging Calories Infographic.png

Say we have an individual who is trying to lose weight.

They have been diligent using meal prep to keep their total caloric intake low throughout the week and are averaging 1700 calories each day.

But like many of us, they enjoy going out for dinner on the weekends. Friday night they have a couple drinks and some extra snacks bringing their total caloric intake to 2400kcal.

Then on Saturday, they don’t eat their normal preplanned portions so each meal they take in some extra calories, then at night they have a couple drinks and then of course dessert which brings them up to 2800kcal.

Sunday they are a little better and just have some extra beer and pizza during the game which again brings them around 2400kcal.

So where does that leave our friend?

He was diligent all week long, but on the weekend he binged on extra drinks, snacks, and desserts.

Unfortunately for him, his average daily calories comes to 2000kcal which for him means that he will actually gain some weight this week.

This example is all too common.

People are good when they are in their routines, but as soon as anything changes they end up binging.

You can imagine an even more extreme scenario where the individual is even more diligent and remains hypo-caloric 6 days a week, but on one day they really binge with pizza, 6-8 beers, snacks, desserts, large portion sizes bringing their daily calories to 3800.

This individual would also end up having a weekly average of 2000 kcal which may put him over the edge and stop any weight loss.

So I hope that these examples have been helpful.

The point is not to forgo any fun and never go out.

The point is to open your eyes to how binging can affect your weight loss goals.

If you are going to go out that is fine, BUT you must calculate it into your weight loss goals.

Maybe you just need to eat less during the week to buffer the extra weekend calories, or maybe you can limit yourself just a little bit during the weekend to keep you in the weight loss zone.

Let me know what you guys think. And make sure you are subscribing and following for more great content.

Again this is Floyd Meyer reminding you to Eat Better so you can Do More!







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