Coconut Oil: Is Saturated Fat Bad For You?

Coconut oil is great for you and everyone should be eating it by the spoonful with their coffee. No wait, the American Heart Association says that we need to avoid coconut oil and all other forms of saturated fats. So what’s really going on? Is coconut oil evil? Find out in my newest post!


4 Advanced Hydration Strategies Every Athlete Needs To Know

Hydration is extremely important and knowing how to hydrate becomes even more critical when you are talking about athletes. Both the weekend warrior and the elite level athlete need to have a plan to both prevent dehydration and correct it as quickly as possible when it occurs. Here are my Top 4 Advanced Hydration Strategies Every Athlete Needs To Know!

What is the Best Diet? Keto vs. Vegan vs. Carnivore

People are so confused when it comes to diet. And it’s no wonder. On one hand, you have documentaries like “What the Health” that promotes the vegan diet and tell people that eating eggs is the same as smoking cigarettes. And then on the other, you have physicians like Sean Baker spouting about the benefits of the Carnivore diet, where you literally only eat meat.   That being said I think we can cut through most of the bias and come out the other side with a little more wisdom. Find out more in my newest post!