Develop A Growth Mindset

Growth mindset.jpg

It can feel daunting sometimes seeing people who are so much farther along than you are. It can feel like the gap between what they are accomplishing and where you are is something that will never be bridged. Unless you have developed a growth mindset.

Having a growth mindset is core to my value structure and will be a part of everything that I teach with Catalyst Impacts.

Having the belief that you can improve through hard work and determination is critical if you want to have any real chance at making a positive impact in the world.  You probably don’t have all the skills that you will need to accomplish your big goals right now, but that’s okay. As long as you know that if you focus your time and energy to getting better in that specific area that you can do it.

No one who has accomplished anything meaningful in the world had all of the skills that they would eventually need before they started on their journey. But they didn’t let that stop them. They had faith that they could learn what they would need on the way.

When people with a growth mindset encounter a new problem they don’t run away. They develop a plan of attack. They know that they can improve. They know they can get better. They know they can develop the skills necessary to overcome the obstacle in front of them.

When you have this growth mindset you think of effort as a path to success. You imagine obstacles as stepping stones that you must navigate on your path to achieving your biological potential.

obstacles stepping stones.jpg

Failure is only failure if you quit. Otherwise, it is just a lesson. A lesson that you can use moving forward. People are terrified of failure because of our modern school system where if you fail they give you a big F and then they keep moving on with the lesson plan. I know personally when completing my Masters of Medical Science failure was 100%, not an option. If you failed even one test they would throw you out of the program. I personally watched multiple classmates get thrown out after investing tens of thousands of dollars simply because they couldn’t pass a poorly written exam.

This way of teaching has done nothing, but create a bunch of people who have a limited view on what they think they are capable of. But don’t let this be you! You can overcome!

Dream big. What positive impact do you want to make in the world? What skills do you need? How can you develop these skills? We live in the most amazing time ever. You can learn almost anything online, or find the people who can help you.  

Make a plan and know that you are going to hit setbacks but this is a part of your journey that should be enjoyed.

Know that you are a living potential. You can achieve so much with hard work and the right mindset. Now get out there and make your positive impact!


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