How to become better?

Becoming a better version of myself is central to my way of being. It is also central to the mission and vision of Catalyst Impacts.

This isn’t about using the secret. You can’t just will things into existence. Just thinking that you want things to be better, that you want to be better, doesn’t make it real. What makes it real is understanding these concepts AND taking massive action.

I recently listened to Jordan Peterson on a podcast and he said something that really resonated with me. So much so that I had to pause it, get out my note app, and write it down.

He said, every time you put yourself in a new situation where you are pushing yourself to do something new. You are literally unlocking a new part of you. You are realizing your biological potential. And when you combine this idea with the idea of epigenetics which I discussed in depth in the previous video you can see that when you are putting yourself in these situations where you are pushing yourself to do something new, or just pushing a little farther than you have been before you are going to be putting a hormetic stress on your body which will cause an upregulation of the genes that are going to make you better able to deal with that stress in the future.

You are unlocking your biological potential. Bit by bit. Every new experience. Every workout. Every time where you push yourself. You are becoming more of what you are capable of. More of what you could be. Seriously how cool is this!

People have this static view of what they are. They think that they are some kind of fixed object in the universe, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You are a living potential.jpg

You could be so much more than you are right now, and how great would it be if you slowly through hard work and through experiencing life you improved. You improved your energy levels, the functionality of your biochemistry, how you are able to move through space, what you are capable of, all of you specific skills.

How great would it be for you? How great would it be for your inner circle? How great would it be for your community, and the world at large?

If you unlocked more of your potential and became more of what you could truly be. Everyone has this power. The trick is finding out how far you can push without breaking the system.

This is called the Zone of Proximal Development. This is the area where you are pushing yourself to do more than you have done before, BUT you are still working within your own personal level of skill in that area.

I, for instance, would be way outside of my zone if I tried to go big wave surfing. I could literally get killed trying to ride one of those huge waves. I just don’t have the skills necessary to push myself to that extreme.

I also can’t put on a huge multi-day live event like Tony Robins. That again would be outside of my zone, but what I can do is to push myself to create this content for you. I can push myself to improve my abilities to communicate, my public speaking, my ability to write, marketing, all of this. And as I do this I am unlocking more and more of my biological potential. I am becoming a better version of myself!

It is such an empowering thought knowing that you have the capacity to be more.

We all can’t be the same thing, not everyone can be a NASA scientist, or a professional athlete. But you can be what you are capable of and I promise it is more than you currently think, IF you take this approach to your life.

Shape your environment to set you up for success this will free up your recourses to focus on taking calculated risks. Find those new experiences, push yourself to do more than you have done before. Find out what your Zone is! And I promise that you will know it when you find it because it is a feeling that is so amazing that it cannot be ignored.

When you find your zone your body releases powerful compounds, your neuropharmacology shifts. You release dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, all at concentrations that people think can only be achieved by taking exogenous compounds.

You have the power.jpg

But this isn’t true. YOU have the power! YOU have the control! Find your zone and continue to push it. Continue to test your limits. Become a better you!



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